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Excellent explanation on why RMAF did not react.

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Have a good read. This piece worth reading.

MH370: I Speak Out
Posted by: seademon on: March 20, 2014
This posting is made with the above in mind. A lot has been said about the disappearance of the MH370. Most of what has been said are purely speculations, with some that might have qualified to be nominated for best screenplay at the Academy Awards. I, too, have some idea of what might have happened but I put them aside so I could listen to the daily press conference with an open mind. I will also attempt to maintain some form of ethics because I also have the feelings of the family of the passengers and crew in mind when I write this.

The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) has come under intense attack by both foreign and local media alike. The Air Defence system has also come under intensive fire by members of the opposition party for its failure to detect the MH370 upon deviating from its intended path and the subsequent failure to scramble our fighters. Some even say our air defence personnel were asleep on the job, and that at least one air defence radar was not working.

It is easy for keyboard warriors to criticise the RMAF without knowing what or how our air defence systems work. Perhaps when they think of an air defence system, they had the following in mind:

Why I write this is to give a general understanding of how our air defence system works, and what really happened that night. I have been generally quiet on this matter as at the time of writing, I am grieving the passing of my younger brother exactly 100 days today. But duty calls, I guess.

I left the RMAF almost 20 years ago. A handful of my squad-mates are still serving senior officers. Back in September 2012, a number of bloggers (including I) and some senior editors of the Malaysian media (including those that are opposition-leaning) were invited to a media open day organised by the then Minister of Defence. Everything was displayed to us, including some of the very sensitive information, so that we could acquire enough background and understand how the RMAF works. Out of the 80 or so people who were there that day, I guess I am the only one to come to the defence of the RMAF.

First of all, this is how a typical air defence centre looks like from the inside:

It is no longer the one-man show you see in the movie “Tora! Tora! Tora!” There are several air defence centres around Malaysia covering both the Peninsula, Sabah, Sarawak and FAR beyond. I have a photo of how far our air defence radars reach, but although I was allowed to take photos of the main display, I opt not to put it up here. Suffice to say, what we have is enough to tell us way ahead if a hostile aircraft is approaching our airspace. When we were at the air defence centre, we were shown a live interception of two bogeys by two of our MiG-29N interceptors.

If I may say, what we all saw on the screen was what would have been seen by all the operators of the other RMAF Air Defence Centres around the nation that if one failed, it would not jeopardise what the others could see.
During this display, not one journo nor blogger could come up with a sane question related to what was shown to them. In the end, I and a few of my blogger friends had to ask the questions to get the RMAF clarify on issues that the media and bloggers have been attacking them on. Even the Deputy Chief of Air Force, Lieutenant General Dato Seri Haji Roslan bin Saad thanked me for my participation and for helping the RMAF clarify some issues.

Let us go back to that wee hours on Saturday, 8th March 2014. MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 0041 hours (Local Time). At 0107 hours, the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) transmitted that all was well with the aircraft.

The aircraft soon after arrived at waypoint IGARI, about 78 nautical miles from Redang island, bearing 056 degrees) which is a point in the South China Sea between the Malaysian border with Vietnam. At this point, Lumpur Flight Information Region (FIR) would hand over the control aircraft to Vietnam. At 0119 hours, a person believed to be the co-pilot transmitted the final vox transmission, “Alright, good night.” At 0122 hours, the aircraft disappeared from secondary radar coverage without any distress call suggesting its transponder had been switched off by someone on the flight deck. However, it was only at 0240 hours that Malaysia Airlines was notified.

The RMAF Air Defence radars saw the MH370 tracked West Southwest to waypoint VAMPI (68 nautical miles East Northeast of Lhokseumawe, Indonesia), then Northeast to waypoint GIVAL (69 nautical miles South Southwest of Phuket International Airport) before tracking Northwest towards waypoint IGREX (100 nautical miles East Southeast of Car Nicobar airport on India’s Nicobar Islands), the last known position according to the primary radar. Where MH370 went to after this point is unknown at this point, but I believe the Indian Air Force’s Andaman and Nicobar Command’s primary radar there would have caught the MH370 in its scope.

So, if the MH370 was seen to deviate from its intended course, why didn’t the RMAF scramble its fighters to intercept the airliner?

Every bogey (unknown aircraft) would be tagged by an Air Defence Officer and this data will be processed to ascertain whether it was a threat to air defence or otherwise. In the case of the MH370, it was not regarded as hostile. Is this a weakness on the part of the RMAF? Mind you three jetliners took down the World Trade Centre towers as well as the Pentagon in the sophisticatedly-defended United States of America.

Should our fighters have been scrambled? If you remember, the MH370 was no longer in our airspace. When the MH370 tracked West Southwest from IGARI to VAMPI, she did not cross Malaysian airspace. She flew over Thai airspace and into Indonesian airspace, then tracked up to GIVAL near Phuket and subsequently to IGREX near India’s Nicobar Islands (see below).

When she tracked from IGARI to IGREX she entered an area with two Royal Thai Air Force fighter bases namely the RTAF 7th Wing in Surat Thani and the 56th Wing in Hat Yai. They, too, were not scrambled. Nor were the fighters of the Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) scrambled from Lhokseumawe or Banda Aceh in Aceh, or Suwondo in Medan. If you think the Indonesians are as incapable as the RMAF, they forced a US military transport down without scrambling their fighters at their base in Banda Aceh on 20th May 2013 for entering Indonesian airspace without proper clearance.

The Chief of Air Force, General Tan Sri Dato Seri Rodzali bin Daud have explained that the RMAF did not see the need to scramble its fighters as the blip on the primary radar was deemed not hostile, and that there was nothing wrong with the air defence system. I just find this attack on the RMAF as another cheap publicity shot by a bunch of losers who do not know how things work and why, and would just take pot shots and see what gets hit.

I know the RMAF I see now is a far advanced RMAF than the one I left almost 20 years ago, and I have faith in the officers, men and women in their capability to defend this nation. I cannot say the same for the group of losers bent on hitting out at any institution of His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agong.

To these losers, please just STFU!

For further reading kilik LINK

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Malaysia bashing and the ugly side of the Western media

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Malaysia bashing and the ugly side of the Western media

by KijangMas Perkasa
Friday, March 21, 2014

While Malaysia and its partners went on overdrive to search for the missing MH370, the Western media went on Malaysia bashing overdrive (Graphics by: Dayang Norazhar/The Mole)

An article written by a Malaysian who goes by the pseudonym of KijangMas Perkasa, exposed the ugliness of the Western media in their reporting of the missing Malaysia airlines aircraft the MH370.

He pointed out that in the sudden, overzealous and exaggerated sympathy shown by the Western media towards the next of kins of the 152 Chinese passengers, they seem to ignore that there are 87 other passengers of other nationals on board who were equally grieving.

"The Western Media is focusing almost exclusively on families of Chinese passengers, almost reveling in the dramatic expressions of sorrow and anger by these people.

These unbridled emotions have long degenerated into bouts of Malaysia-bashing, with wild and outrageous accusations thrown at our officials and our nation by what has became a rude, noisy, unreasonable and hostile mob bent on venting their personal frustrations at something, somewhere, somehow."

The Mole is reproducing the article below. It has first appeared on the Malaysian Digest::

"The Western Media, including CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, have been broadcasting again and again, almost in loop tape fashion, the near riot in the MH370 media briefing room yesterday. Malaysia's portrayal as a villainous state, with evil officials hoarding information and telling untruths with impunity is now complete.

Malaysia bashing is on overdrive !

NOW, while the world is gripped by the possible discovery of MH370 debris in the southern Indian Ocean, let me state something:-

NO country has a monopoly on grief.

Malaysia lost 50 of its citizens. These are fathers, wives, siblings and children of quietly grieving families across our land. Indonesia lost seven people, Australia six, India five, with others spread over 11 other countries and territories.

BUT . . .

The Western Media is focusing almost exclusively on families of Chinese passengers, almost reveling in the dramatic expressions of sorrow and anger by these people.

These unbridled emotions have long degenerated into bouts of Malaysia-bashing, with wild and outrageous accusations thrown at our officials and our nation by what has became a rude, noisy, unreasonable and hostile mob bent on venting their personal frustrations at something, somewhere, somehow.

And Malaysia became this punching bag.

While a little "thank you for your concern, support and hospitality" may be beyond these guests of Malaysia Airlines, we didn't expect a noisy demo in the media briefing hall either. And not least the Malaysia-bashing banner which read: “We protest against the Malaysian government withholding information and wasting time and hampering search efforts.”

NOW . . . you people know what happens if you do THIS in your homeland, China? Yes, I'm sure you do.

As for the Western Media, the LA Times quoted a typical line -- with the same flavor repeated again and again among their compadres -- this time purportedly by a grieving family member in Beijing:-

"I’m angry at Malaysia for not telling the truth. From the start they were buying time, withholding facts, and now they’re distorting the truth.'"

Really? The truth?

What then do you call the media briefings of the 12 days? Pack of lies by Malaysia? Untruth? Buying time? Withholding facts? Why?

So what "truth" do you want?

That the plane crashed? No, you won't accept it. The plane was hijacked? No also. The plane landed somewhere? Again No. The plane is lost and will NEVER be found? A big No No.

Then what do you really want to hear? Do you even know WHAT you want to hear?

So what is "truth" then?

NOW, you want the truth? You really want the truth? Ok . . . . .

The truth is -- until about a couple of hours ago with the Australian preliminary interpretation of the commercial satellite imagery -- NOBODY KNOWS.

Not Malaysia, not China, not America, nobody knows. That's why everyone and his uncle from almost 30 countries plus millions online worldwide have been searching millions of square km of land and the deep blue ocean.

Sure, I sympathise with your grief. But again, others lost their loved ones too and suffer from the same uncertainty as well.

I repeat, Malaysia lost 50 passengers and crew, including some of our best and brightest. And passengers from 13 other countries and territories were also on that flight and suffered the exact same fate as your loved ones.

BUT I don't see Malaysians, Indonesians, Australians, Indians or Americans go berserk and throw bottles at Malaysia Airlines staffers and verbally abuse caregivers.

Did grieving Malaysian next-of-kin throw bottles and spit at your embassy officials and representatives in KL over the irrelevant satellite image furnished in the name of your government, which led to the deployment of our SAR assets in the middle of the South China Sea to unravel a lead that turned out to be a sick prank among many untruths and distortions spewed by your country's social media?

So why must only you people display this unbridled anger and frustration over something beyond the control of anyone, any airline, any search party, any national leader, any country, even the planet itself?

Still not satisfied?

Still want to bash Malaysia at every turn while you partake in all the free food, 4-star accommodation, counseling and transportation provided by Malaysia Airlines although the bulk of your kin's tickets were actually purchased from China Southern Airlines in a Code Share? What has China Southern Airlines done? 

Next to nothing. Zilch.

My message to these people: there is something called Compassion Fatigue. Your antics in Beijing and KLIA beamed over the global media have pushed many genuinely caring Malaysians towards this state of mind.

AND to the Western Media, remember, there are 239 souls on MH370, not just 152. The world has witnessed the antics of the families of the 152. Why don't you people now focus on the other 87 families who by and large handled this very difficult times with dignity underlined by brave acceptance of God's will."


~KijangMas Perkasa~


p/s: Semalam kata tak mau lagi post anything yang berkaitan dengan MH370. Tapi........

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Tips to Quick Weight Loss

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Jadikan ini amalan dalam pengambilan makanan harian

sumber: fb Kevin Zahri

Disamping itu apa kata anda cuba ini:

Set diet premium / inch loss shaklee
  • lecithin & omega guard untuk bakar lemak degil
  • alfalfa & herblax untuk detox
  • ESP & cinch shake untuk tenaga dan otot tak menggeleber
  • Cinch tea mix untuk boost 4x metabolisma dan bantu cepatkan pembakaran lemak

Nak jimat boleh dapatkan set budget :)

Dan jangan lupa exercise ya.

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Jom Fit Muslimah Workout #1

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Cik Ila memang suka rujuk pada fb Kevin Zahri bila melibatkan senaman dan diet ni.

Ini antara yang beliau kongsi kan.

Hanya ambil masa sekejap je untuk buat rutin2 ini. Yang penting mesti dilakukan secara berterusan.

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No more...

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Cik Ila dah tak mau cerita pasal MH370 lagi. 

Doa Cik Ila tetap bersama dengan MH370. 

Memandangkan masih ramai lagi yang tak berpuas hati kat luar sana...yang hanya cakap kosong dan menunding jari sana dan sini tapi do nothing.

Cik Ila nak share sikit komen ni:

~jgn marah~

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Kenapa dan Bagaimana MH370 berakhir di Lautan Hindi?

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Walaupun PM kita telah mengesahkan status MH370, Cik Ila percaya mesti ada yang tertanya-tanya kenapa dan bagaimana MH370 boleh sampai ke lautan Hindi? 

Jauhnya MH370 pergi.

No...No...No... Tak mau buat spekulasi ye.

Semoga pencarian kotak hitam dan MH370 di Lautan Hindi akan berhasil agar semua persoalan ini akan terjawab.


Misi mencari Kotak Hitam

Inilah device yang USNavy akan gunakan dalam pencarian kotak hitam MH370 - Tow Pinger Locator (TPL)

Bagaimana TPL berfungsi...

Semoga akan bertemu kamu...

Black box

all pictures kredit to veooz and google images

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Kronologi kehilangan pesawat MAS MH370

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Berikut ialah fakta dan kronologi kehilangan pesawat MH370 berdasarkan kenyataan-kenyataan rasmi yang dikeluarkan pihak berkuasa melalui sidang media yang diadakan dari semasa ke semasa.

Info ini saya perolehi dari web malaysiatercinta

Fakta mengenai penerbangan MH370 yang hilang
  • Laluan Kuala Lumpur KLIA - Beijing. 
  • Menggunakan pesawat Boeing 777-200ER yang berusia 11 tahun 11 bulan dengan 53,465.21 jam penerbangan. 
  • Pesawat ini berkongsi kod dengan China Southern Airlines (CZ748). 
  • Kali terakhir ia diselenggara ialah pada 23 February 2014 dan dijadualkan untuk pemeriksaan seterusnya pada 19 Jun 2014. 
  • Berlepas pada pukul 12.41 pagi hari Sabtu 8 Mac 2014 dan dijadualkan mendarat di Beijing pada jam 6.30 pagi waktu Malaysia pada hari yang sama. 
  • Pesawat ini membawa 239 orang, yang terdiri daripada 227 penumpang (termasuk 2 bayi) dan 12 anak kapal
  • Para penumpang dalam pesawat ini terdiri daripada rakyat 14 buah negara. Berikut adalah senarai bilangan penumpang mengikut warganegara: China 152 orang termasuk seorang bayi, Malaysia 38 orang, Indonesia 12 orang, Australia 7 orang, Perancis 3 orang, Amerika Syarikat 3 orang termasuk seorang bayi, New Zealand 2 orang, Ukraine 2 orang, Kanada 2 orang, Rusia 1 orang, Itali 1 orang, Taiwan 1 orang, Belanda 1 orang dan Austria 1 orang. 
  • Semua anak kapal adalah warganegara Malaysia.

Kronologi peristiwa kehilangan MH370

[Hari 1 - Sabtu 8/3/2014]
Nota: Teks italik merujuk kepada maklumat dari hasil siasatan pihak berkuasa.
  • [12:41 am] MH370 berlepas dari KLIA. 
  • [1:07 am] Transmisi data terakhir ACARS
  • [1:19 am] Mesej verbal terakhir "All right, good night" dari co-pilot. 
  • [1:21 am] Transponder dimatikan. 
  • [Diantara 1:07 am dan 1:37 am] ACARS dimatikan. 
  • [1:30 am] Terputus hubungan radar, pada lokasi 120 batu nautika dari Kota Bharu, pada kedudukan longitud 06 darjah 55 minit 15 saat Utara (065515N) dan dan latitud 103 darjah 34 minit 43 saat Timur (1033443E). 
  • [7:24 am] MAS keluarkan kenyataan kehilangan pesawat. 
  • [11.00 am] Sidang media pertama Penerbangan Malaysia di KLIA. 
  • [2:40 pm] Sidang media Pemangku Menteri Pengangkutan, Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein. 
  • [7:05 pm] Operasi diperluaskan babitkan kerjasama Vietnam, China, Singapura dan Amerika Syarikat. 

[Hari 2 - Ahad 9/3/2014] 
  • Kawasan pencarian diperluas. 
  • Tumpuan utama ialah mengesan pesawat. 
  • Radar tentera menunjukkan kemungkinan pesawat berpatah balik. 
  • Pegawai FBI tiba di Kuala Lumpur. 
  • Misi diperhebat dengan penambahan 40 kapal dan 22 pesawat. 
  • Tompokan minyak ditemui di kawasan kira-kira 100 batu nautika dari Kota Bharu. 
  • 2 penumpang disahkan guna passport palsu. 

[Hari 3 - Isnin 10/3/2014]
  • Kawasan pencarian diperluas kepada lingkungan 100 batu nautika dari titik akhir pesawat dikesan. 
  • DCA tidak tolak kemungkinan MH370 dirampas atau meletup di udara. 
  • Keluarga dan waris penumpang warga China akan diterbangkan ke Kuala Lumpur. 
  • Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia (APMM) sahkan tompokan minyak bukan milik pesawat MH370. 

[Hari 4 - Selasa 11/3/2014]
  • MH370: Identiti lelaki kedua guna pasport curi didedahkan Interpol. Lelaki yang menggunakan paspot curi Itali ((milik Luigi Maraldi) ialah Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza, berusia 30 tahun. Manakala lelaki yang menggunakan pasport curi Austria (milik Christian Kozel) adalah Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad,19 tahun. Kedua-duanya adalah warganegara Iran. 
  • Siasatan polis fokus 4 kemungkinan: Dirampas, Sabotaj, Masalah psikologi dan Masalah peribadi antara penumpang. 

[Hari 5 - Rabu 12/3/2014]
  • Fokus operasi ialah di Laut China Selatan dan Selat Melaka. 
  • 12 negara (39 pesawat, 42 kapal) menyertai misi SAR (search and rescue), dengan negara terbaru India, Jepun dan Brunei. 
  • Operasi SAR kini diperluas ke Laut Andaman. 
  • Ahli keluarga penumpang pesawat akan menerima bantuan kewangan sebanyak USD5000 daripada MAS. 
  • Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) memberitahu, pesawat yang berpatah balik yang dikesan radar tentera Malaysia awal pagi Sabtu tidak dapat disahkan sebagai MH370. 
  • Panglima Tentera Udara (PTU), Tan Sri Rodzali Daud dedah satu pesawat tidak dikenali dikesan pada kedudukan barat laut Pulau Pinang, awal pagi Sabtu. 

[Hari 6 - Khamis 13/3/2014]
  • MAS menghentikan penggunaan nombor kod penerbangan MH370 dan MH371 sebagai penghormatan kepada penumpang dan kru yang masih hilang. Laluan KL-Beijing ditukar kepada kod MH318 dan Beijing-KL kepada MH319 bermula 14/3/2014. 
  • 20, 000 nelayan bantu cari MH370 
  • CNN melaporkan satelit negara China menemui tiga objek terapung di perairan Laut Cina Selatan yang dipercayai mempunyai kaitan MH370. APMM menghantar pesawat pelbagai guna Bombardier untuk membuat pengesahan, tetapi tiada objek ditemui. 
  • Hishammuddin menafikan laporan media yang mengatakan pesawat MH370 berkemungkinan terbang selama empat jam daripada lokasi dan waktu terakhir ia dikesan. 
  • Latar belakang lelaki etnik Uyghur yang menaiki penerbangan MH370 menjadi tumpuan siasatan Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) dan INTERPOL berbanding penumpang lain. 

[Hari 7 - Jumaat 14/3/2014]
  • Sehingga kini, gerakan mencari dan menyelamat telah melibatkan penggunaan 57 kapal dan 48 kapal terbang dan helikopter dari tentera dan agensi penguatkuasaan maritim dari 13 buah negara. 
  • (SAR) kini diperluas ke bahagian timur Laut China Selatan serta di Lautan Hindi. 
  • Fokus utama MAS pada masa ini adalah untuk menjaga kebajikan keluarga penumpang dan anak kapal pesawat MH370 termasuk menyediakan maklumat yang tepat, keperluan penerbangan, penginapan, makanan, perubatan dan sokongan moral. 

[Hari 8 - Sabtu 15/3/2014]
  • Pesawat yang di kesan berpatah balik oleh radar Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia sebelum ini disahkan MH370. 
  • Berdasarkan maklumat terbaru, Sistem Komunikasi dan Laporan Kedudukan (ACARS) telah dimatikan sebelum MH370 sampai di ruang udara Pantai Timur Semenanjung Malaysia dan sejurus selepas itu, transponder pula dimatikan berhampiran sempadan kawalan trafik udara antara Malaysia dan Vietnam. 
  • Pergerakan pesawat menunjukkan ia adalah hasil tindakan secara sengaja (deliberate) oleh seseorang yang berada di dalam pesawat berkenaan. 
  • Berdasarkan penelitian raw data satelit (Inmarsat), pihak FAA, NTSB, AAIB dan pihak berkuasa Malaysia mengesahkan komunikasi terakhir antara pesawat MH370 dengan satelit adalah pada jam 8.11 pagi (waktu Malaysia) pada Sabtu lalu. Pada ketika itu, MH370 berkemungkinan berada di salah satu dari dua koridor penerbangan: 
  • Koridor utara yang menjangkau sempadan Kazakhstan dan Turkmenistan hingga ke utara Thailand. 
  • Koridor selatan yang merangkumi Indonesia hingga ke selatan Lautan Hindi

  • Dengan itu, gerakan mencari dan menyelamat di Laut China Selatan telah dihentikan. 
  • Pihak berkuasa telah mengalih fokus penyiasatan kepada anak kapal (termasuk ground crew) dan penumpang MH370. 
  • Polis mengambil flight simulator milik kapten Zaharie untuk tujuan siasatan. 
  • Setakat hari ini 14 negara, 43 buah kapal dan 58 pesawat terlibat dalam pencarian itu. 

    [Hari 9 - Ahad 16/3/2014] 
  • Selain daripada lautan, SAR sekarang turut tertumpu kepada daratan yang merentasi 11 buah negara. 
  • Bilangan negara yang terlibat operasi SAR meningkat dari 14 kepada 25 negara. 
  • Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar berkata pesawat MH370 disiasat di bawah Seksyen 130 (C) Kanun Keseksaan kerana rampasan, keganasan, kesalahan sabotaj dan Akta Kesalahan Penerbangan 2003. 

    [Hari 10 - Isnin 17/3/2014] 
  • Operasi mencari dan menyelamat di koridor utara dan selatan sudah bermula, melibatkan inisiatif awal Malaysia, Australia, China, Indonesia dan Kazakhstan. 
  • Aset-aset TUDM dan TLDM dikerah ke koridor selatan. Diantara aset-aset tersebut ialah kapal peronda luar pesisir KD Kelantan, KD Selangor, dan helikopter Super Lynx. 
  • Pakar-pakar dari Jabatan Penerbangan Awam China menyertai pasukan penyiasat. 
  • 3 pegawai dari Pejabat Siasatan dan Analisis untuk Keselamatan Penerbangan Awam Perancis yang mempunyai pengalaman menyiasat kehilangan Air France Flight 447 tiba hari ini untuk membantu siasatan. 
  • Vietnam menamatkan operasi mencari pesawat MH370 di Laut China Selatan. 
  • Jumlah negara yang terlibat dalam operasi SAR meningkat kepada 26: Malaysia, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Perancis, India, Indonesia, Jepun, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Filipina, Rusia, Singapura, Korea Selatan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Emiriah Arab Bersatu, United Kingdom, Amerika Syarikat, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. 

    [Hari 11 - Selasa 18/3/2014] 
  • Dua lagi kapal laut TLDM dihantar untuk operasi mencari MH370 di koridor Selatan. 
  • Operasi mencari pesawat MH370 kini menumpukan kepada empat perkara iaitu mengumpul maklumat pemantauan satelit, analisis data radar, penambahan aset udara dan darat, dan penambahan pakar teknikal. 
  • Operasi mencari dan menyelamat pesawat MH370 di koridor Utara dan Selatan meliputi kawasan seluas 2.24 juta batu nautika persegi (4.15 juta km persegi. 

    [Hari 12 - Rabu 19/3/2014] 
  • Pasukan utama teknikal SAR dipecahkan kepada tiga kumpulan iaitu diplomatik (diketuai Kementerian Luar), aset & logistik (diketuai Angkatan Tentera Malaysia), dan teknikal (diketuai DCA). 

    [Hari 13 - Khamis 20/3/2014] 
  • Dua objek dipercayai milik pesawat dikesan satelit berada di Lautan Hindi kira-kira 2,500 kilometer ke barat daya Perth. Objek yang besar berukuran 24 meter. 
  • Presiden Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono memberi jaminan 7 warganegara Indonesia yang juga penumpang pesawat MH370 tidak mempunyai kaitan dengan jaringan pengganas. 
  • Wakil tertinggi Malaysia diketuai oleh Komander Operasi Udara TUDM, Leftenan-Jeneral Datuk Seri Ackbal Haji Abdul Samad berlepas ke Beijing. 

    [Hari 14 - Jumaat 21/3/2014] 
  • Kapal pengangkut kereta Höegh Autoliners dari Norway dan kapal peninjau pelbagai fungsi HMS Echo milik United Kingdom (UK) menyertai MH370 di Lautan Hindi. 
  • Polis Ukraine sahkan penumpang etnik Uyghur berusia 35 tiada kaitan dengan sebarang kegiatan jenayah mahupun keganasan. 

    [Hari 15 - Sabtu 22/3/2014] 
  • Akhbar The Telegraph mendedahkan transkrip 54 minit terakhir komunikasi juruterbang dengan menara kawalan. 
  • Malaysia mohon bantuan Amerika usaha mencari di dasar laut. 
  • Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Penerbangan Awam Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman turut menegaskan laporan transkrip komunikasi oleh The Telegraph tidak tepat. 
  • China kesan imej 22 meter panjang, 13 meter lebar di koridor selatan. 

  • [Hari 16 - Ahad 23/3/2014] 
  • Sidang media MH370 berpindah dari Hotel Sama Sama, Sepang ke PWTC Kuala Lumpur. 
  • Operasi Pihak Berkuasa Keselamatan Maritim Australia (AMSA) gagal temui 'objek terapung' satelit China. 
  • Imej satelit baru Perancis menunjukkan objek yang berkemungkinan ada kaitan dengan MH370. 

    [Hari 17 - Isnin 24/3/2014]

  • AMSA memaklumkan P8 Poseidon gagal temui 'objek mencurigakan' yang dikesan pesawat China. 
  • Perdana Menteri mengesahkan pesawat MH370 hilang di kawasan selatan Lautan Hindi, di barat Perth. Ini berdasarkan kepada maklumat daripada data satelit yang diberikan oleh Inmarsat dan Bahagian Penyiasatan Nahas Udara United Kingdom (AAIB). 

[Hari 18 - Selasa 25/3/2014]
  • China minta semua analisis data satelit berkaitan kehilangan MH370 daripada Malaysia.
  • Operasi mencari oeh AMSA ditangguhkan hari ini akibat cuaca buruk.
  • Sidang Dewan Rakyat rakamkan takziah kepada keluarga penumpang dan anak kapal.

Berakhirnya MH370 ~ Al-Fatihah

March 25, 2014 0 Comments

Malam tadi, PM kita, Datuk Seri Najib Razak telah mengumumkan pesawat MSA MH370 yang telah dilaporkan hilang pada 8 Mac lalu, mengakhiri penerbangan di selatan lautan Hindi dan dipercayai bahawa tiada mangsa yang selamat.

"Al-Fatihah dan salam takziah buat keluarga dan rakan-rakan semua mangsa yang terlibat"

Semoga kebenaran misteri kehilangan MH370 akan ditemui :(

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Wardina Safiyyah

March 24, 2014 0 Comments

Salam pagi isnin yang ceria.

Pagi ni buka facebook, tengok ada video kesungguhan Wardina mengajar anaknya Alquran.

Secara jujur saya kagum dengan Wardina. Terfikir pula diri saya yang kerdil ini. Mampukah saya melakukan seperti itu. Sedangkan untuk pembelajaran harian pun kadang-kadang naik angin :(

Semoga, video ini mendorong kita semua sebagai ibu bapa untuk mendidik anak dengan lebih baik.

"Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang beriman ialah mereka yang bila disebut nama Allah gementarlah hati mereka, dan apabila dibacakan ayat-ayatNya bertambahlah iman mereka (kerananya), dan dan kepada Tuhan mereka jualah mereka berserah." (Al-Anfaal, 8:2)
*credit to Pustaka Darul Iman

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gatal tapak tangan

March 21, 2014 1 Comments

Yipee...mood happy dapat reward dari cinta hati. Patutlah gatal je tapak tangan ni semalam.

As a working mom, ada duit gaji sendiri dan boleh je nak beli sendiri. Tapi lumrah alam kan...kalau orang yang hadiahkan lagi lagi dan lagi best.

Hitam memang sentiasa kesukaan saya. 

Masuk City Chain, intai jam-jam yang banyak-banyak tu, tak sampai hati pulak nak amik yang mahal-mahal, walaupun Mr. Hubby tak limitkan harganya. Hahahaha...baik kan isteri awak ni. Ada diskaun untuk jam yang berharga 3 rat lebih ni pun dah lebih syukur. Yang bestnya, dia dah tahu  Cik Ila akan pilih jam ni. Hahahaha...

Cuti dia pun dah nak habis. Next week jadi supermom balik. Huhuhu....tak de chef, tak de driver, tak de bantal peluk.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

e-Filling LHDN

March 20, 2014 1 Comments

Selesai dah buat e-filling untuk taksiran cukai 2013.

Ada lebihan bayaran nih. Alhamdulillah.

Untuk semua, jangan lupa ye. Sampai hujung april rasanya.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Pray for MH370 #1

March 14, 2014 0 Comments

Salam Jumaat yang mulia.
Sudah masuk hari ketujuh kehilangan MH370
Mari kita terus berdoa untuk MH370

Kita berdoa kepada Allah SWT dengan setulus hati kita,menadahkan tangan kepada Allah SWT
agar supaya Allah SWT bila mana mengkehendaki mereka kembali dengan selamat
moga-moga supaya Allah SWT menjaga kepada mereka di mana sahaja mereka berada,
dibimbing, dipelihara dan diberi kawalan sebaik mungkin oleh Allah SWT kepada mereka.

Untuk ahli keluarga, semoga Allah SWT menganugerahkan kesabaran, ganjaran, ketabahan dan redha di atas ketentuan qada' dan qadar Allah SWT

Kepada pihak berkuasa, Allah SWT berikan ganjaran dan bantuan kepada mereka yang berusaha bertungkus lumus dalam usaha mencari dan menyelamat MH370 ini.

Dan kepada kita, moga-moga Allah SWT memberikan kepada kita pengajaran dan masing-masing mempunyai hubungan dengan Allah SWT, berdoa kepada Allah SWT.

Innalillah......"kita semua adalah milik Allah SWT, dan hanya kepada Allah SWT kita akan kembali." 
(Al Baqarah: 156)


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Monday, March 10, 2014

Pray for MH370

March 10, 2014 0 Comments

Di hari ke 3 kehilangan MH370...macam2 yang kita dengar.
Tak mahu berkata apa-apa mengenainya.
Biar yang berkuasa menjalankan tugas.
Hanya berdoa semoga Allah tunjukkan jalan.

Berdiam tidak semestinya kita tidak peduli.

Thanks for reading this entry.

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