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ZooMoo premieres "Leo the Wildlife Ranger", a new Animated Series to Raise Wildlife Awareness

ZooMoo premieres "Leo the Wildlife Ranger", a new Animated Series to Raise Wildlife Awareness

Join Leo the Wildlife Ranger for adventures on ZooMoo, Astro ch 619

LEO the Wildlife Ranger

This August, ZooMoo (Astro channel 619), is taking your pre-schoolers on a wildlife adventure with a brand new animated TV series, Leo the Wildlife Ranger.

Bringing kids closer to the wildlife

The series was created to increase awareness and encourage appreciation of wildlife's diversity, from a koala home in Australia to an electric eel's base in South America. Episodes are set around the main theme of helping animals in need, and the importance of taking care of the environment.

"At ZooMoo, we carefully curate high-quality educational programmes for pre-school children. It's important that each generation has an understanding of the animal kingdom and has an appreciation of our world's natural habitats. With this at the forefront of our strategy, Leo the Wildlife Ranger was a natural fit for the channel. In addition, this award winning series from producer Chi-Sim Tang, showcases the talent from the region." said Catherine Nebauer, ZooMoo Networks General Manager for Australasia.
Winner of the 'Best Preschool Programme' at the 2016 Asian TV Awards, Leo the Wildlife Ranger is produced by Omens Studios, a Singapore based company. One of its key team members is Malaysian talent Kelvin Chow who is the Producer of the series.

"At Omens Studios, we are always trying to excite and inspire every child we come across and Leo the Wildlife Ranger was created to precisely do that. We're very excited to be part of the ZooMoo family and looking forward to develop more Junior Rangers all over Asia." said Chi-Sim Tang, Executive Producer of Omens Studios

Leo the Wildlife Ranger will premiere in Malaysia on ZooMoo (Astro ch 619), on Saturday 19 August at 12.05pm (repeats 4.05pm and 8.05am)

Meet Leo the Wildlife Ranger Crew

For more information, please visit:

Alfeey yang excited dengan Leo the Wildlife Ranger ni. Dia kan suka bab-bab haiwan ni. Cita-cita pun nak jadi Doktor Haiwan. InsyaAllah, ibu akan selalu doakan semoga tercapai cita-cita tu.

Kat rumah pun memang ZooMoo je.
Korang jangan lupa nonton ye.

Bye bye bye

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